Would you like to improve the Net Operating Income of your buildings and make occupants more comfortable by implementing energy saving projects?

Are you too busy to make these projects happen? 

Over the past three and a half years, we’ve heard over and over that BOMA Property Managers are not implementing more projects because they don’t have enough TIME.

BOMA Utah teamed up with Rocky Mountain Power to fix this. BOMA Utah created an Energy Project Manager position that is available to all active BOMA Utah members at NO COST.

The Energy Project Manager salary is paid by Rocky Mountain Power. You will still earn all eligible incentives offered by Rocky Mountain Power. The salary is paid from a different fund.

We are pleased to introduce Diversified Energy Consultants as BOMA Utah’s Energy Project Manager.

Diversified nergy Consultants is staffed by Nikki Anderson, 801-243-4554, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Kevin Deiber, 801-243-1811, Energy Project Manager (EPM). Their primary role is to facilitate the implementation energy efficiency projects for BOMA’s Property Managers so you can stay focused on other priorities.

This is just one more way BOMA Utah is adding value to your BOMA membership.