President’s Message

President’s Message
Justin Farnsworth, BOMA Utah President 

President’s vision for 2018: “BOMA Utah Members demonstrate a committment to BOMA’s success through active participation!”


Dear BOMA Members,

BOMA’s leadership has set forth our vision for 2018 and I have a renewed sense of optimism for the upcoming year. We are ready to accept the challenges of this great organization as we move into the next chapter.  Ultimately, the success of BOMA comes down to each of you.  When you ask many of the members who have had positive experiences with BOMA, many will tell you that, “You get out what you put in”.  This couldn’t ring truer as BOMA Utah pivots and transitions. 

For 2018, I invite all of you to participate in two challenges:

  1. Get Involved!  At risk of sounding like a broken record, BOMA doesn’t happen without all of you staying active.  Whether it be through a Committee, attending our wonderful educational events, or running for the Board, there is a tangible and measurable benefit for being active in our organization.
  2. Speak up!  The start of a new year is always a good time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t.  Through the coming months, we will be evaluating new ways to engage our membership in a way that promotes a healthy discussion.  We plan to use this feedback to make BOMA Utah even better as we move into the future.

I am truly honored and proud to serve this great organization, and am privileged to be among the most respected professionals in the industry.  We will continue to provide unparalleled educational events, advocate as the major commercial real estate force on Capitol Hill, and have the most fun events around.  WE ARE BOMA!