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COVID-19 Resources

As updates surrounding the Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, are made, BOMA  Utah remains committed to providing helpful resources to our members and other commercial real estate professionals. The documents below include guidelines, response protocols and slides from past webinars related to the issue.

BOMA International is actively working to provide commercial real estate professionals with credible information on how to mitigate the potential health and business impacts. Based on information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), BOMA International has released a series of guidance documents to help property professionals navigate this public health concern.

BOMA International will continue to monitor this issue as it develops, and resources will be posted regularly to this webpage ( There you will be able to find a variety of webinars and guides to help assist you in moving forward.

BOMA Locals Webinars and Other Resources

Building Re-Entry Resources

Work Authorization Letter Templates

Recorded Webinars

Helpful Articles

BOMA Georgia

BOMA Georgia has released numerous webinar recordings on COVID-19 issues that are specifically geared toward property managers. We encourage you to visit their site and take a look.

One newly released webinar is on Operational Savings in a Time of Low Census. The webinar explores the tactics that some property management and building operations staff are implementing to cut costs at their properties in response to a lower building utilization rate. It also highlights some efforts property managers and building engineers can take in conducting maintenance and preparing for a large number of tenants to return to work in office buildings.

Additionally, they have released a two-part video series on maintaining a hopeful outlook through COVID-19, with a video titled Maintaining Hope in the Face of COVID-19 and another with the title of a Hopeful, Historical Perspective on COVID-19. I hope you’ll find the message shared in these videos to be as helpful and inspiring as I did.

There are many more recorded webinars available here.

BOMA Greater St. Paul

Description: 1 hour webinar. With the virus crisis leading to a recession, building owners and managers are facing a variety of potential legal issues, such as whether to consider rent abatements and reductions, force majeure, business interruption insurance, and a range of other topics.  How should buildings and properties approach these and other related issues?