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CMCP Certification

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Once you’ve achieved an RPA ® , FMA ® , or SMA ® , your designation stays active—and your knowledge stays current—through CPD (Continuing Professional Development). The CPD requirement provides evidence of your commitment to professional development, proving to your supervisors that you are keeping pace with the industry to ensure continued success in the future.

If you are an RPA, FMA, or SMA graduate who wants to participate in BOMI’s CPD program, you must acquire 18 points of continuing education credit every three years to maintain active status of your designation. The three-year renewal period begins on the date that you attain your first Institute designation. If you hold more than one BOMI designation, you will still only need to earn 18 CPD points every three years to maintain your designations.

BOMI International offers a variety of ways to earn CPD points, so you should not have any difficulties meeting the CPD requirement. You can earn credits through real estate license renewals, course credits, or industry experience such as, publishing an article, presenting a paper, or belonging to a related trade association.

How points are calculated

  1. Real Estate License (18 points)
  2. Course Credit (1 point per hour of instruction)
  3. Professional Accomplishment (2 points for every writing, presentation, and/or research hour needed to complete any of the following projects)
    1. Publish an original article or research report in a national journal.
    2. Winning a Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) International and/or Local Building Award Participate as a presenter at a regional, national, or international conference on commercial property or a related topic.
    3. Serve as an instructor for any qualifying program (course content must be on approved list) Serve as an author/reviewer or member of an examination development workshop for any qualifying program (content must be on approved list).
  4. Board/Committee Membership (6 points for each year you serve each organization as a board/committee member)
  5. Association/Professional Memberships (2 points for each year you are an active member of each organization).

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