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The Kilowatt Cup
Trophy awarded to firm, building, or team achieving superior accomplishments in energy efficiency. Should not be based on score alone, but what has been done, spent, efforts, etc.
What measures have you taken for ongoing optimization and quantifiable sustainability over time?

Judging will be based on the following 4 sub-categories:
Energy Efficiency
Highest Energy Star Rating
Greatest Energy Star Performance Gain
Quantifiable Sustainability Over Time

Climate Leader Award
Recognition awarded to the building/buildings making significant strides in the form of time and resources spent to change the culture and promote reducing their impact on the environment without a guarantee of economic benefit. These include, but are not limited to promoting energy efficiency,
sustainability, contributions to air quality improvement, water savings, and overall carbon reduction.  Must document what measures were used for reduction.

Examples: preventative maintenance; re-using building components in lieu of replacement or using higher quality or more sustainable building
components during major projects; vendor/tenant/employee education
and/or participation programs for recycling, using environmentally friendly
components/supplies, landfill waste reduction, turning off lights, closing blinds, composting, facility maintenance adjusting for occupancy, etc.
These measures may have little or no payback now but contribute to the buildings long-term sustainability and/or reduce the buildings contribution to climate change.

Green for Green
Recognition awarded to building/buildings that achieved the greatest cost savings per square foot including estimated ROI and/or utility incentives.
Please include verification of these claims.

Slow the Flow Award
Recognition awarded to the building/buildings that achieved the greatest overall percentage reduction in water consumption as documented in
Energy Star Portfolio Manager.  What measures have been enacted which caused the reduction? What %
of gallons have been saved.

Contact Courtney Long, courtney@bomautah.org to nominate your building.