BOMA Memberships Has it’s Benefits!  Membership in BOMA Utah provides you with 24-hour access to information, advance notice of legislative and advocacy issues, extensive research, timely publications, committee participation, informative links to information, and access to a variety of educational and networking opportunities.

Networking: In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, relationships are more important than ever. BOMA Utah provides a network for industry professionals to discuss common problems, exchange ideas, and share experience and knowledge. Networking opportunities are provided to our members throughout the year at social events, monthly luncheons, seminars and conferences.

Legislative Advocacy: BOMA Utah provides legislative representation at the local, state and national levels. We are your voice before the city council and mayor’s office. BOMA Utah’s powerful local and national legislative influence is unique in the office building industry. In partnership with BOMA International, our members receive cutting edge legislative and regulatory representation. We represent you on such issues as terrorism insurance, energy legislation, leasehold depreciation, capital gains tax cuts/elimination, electrical utility deregulation, telecommunications-forced building entry, building codes and fire code changes.

Education: Knowledge is power. BOMA Utah is committed to educating commercial real estate professionals on issues that impact this industry. BOMA Utah offers educational seminars and workshops taught by industry leaders on issues of relevance to the industry. BOMA Utah also offers professional designation programs through BOMI Institute, including the Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation and soon to be, the Facilities Management Administrator (FMA) and Systems Maintenance Administrator/Technician (SMA/SMT) designations.

Publications: BOMA Utah’s eNewsletter; the Utah Buildings Magazine and the Experience Exchange Report helps you keep up-to-date on the latest industry trends and issues.


Nine (9) Monthly Luncheons (January – April, June, September – December)
Vendor Tradeshow and Luncheon 
Golfing in our Annual Golf Tournament (Dues do not cover; sponsorships raised do)
Member Socials (3 per year – Feb, Jun, Sep)
Members-Only Holiday Luncheon (December)
Lunch & Learns on industry-related topics that include real estate continuing education credit (4-5 per year)
Membership in BOMA International

Other advantages of joining BOMA Utah include:

Inclusion in BOMA International’s annual Who’s Who Membership Directory
Continuing educational opportunities through BOMA seminars and workshops
Member-only discounts on the purchase of BOMA publications and participation at BOMA-sponsored activities
Access to marketplace research data on private and government office building performance in Utah, plus 100 other prime real estate markets, detailing sources of income and areas of expenses/costs through the annual Experience Exchange Report (EER) and other studies
Medical Office Building Seminars
Subscription to (BOMA International’s award-winning monthly magazine), which provides national and regional news and feature stories; access to other professional publications
Opportunities to win the International TOBY award if you are a Local and Regional Award winner.
Invitation to attend BOMA International’s Annual Convention & The Office Building Show®, one of our industry’s most popular and informative trade shows, with excellent networking prospects.

Membership Levels

Principal Members Consist of:
Brokers/Leasing Agents
Managers and Assistant Managers (Including but not limited to: Property; Building; Asset; Operations; Regional; General; Real Estate; Portfolio; and Facility)
Building/Facility Engineers (Senior, Chief, Lead or other titles conveying similar function, status, authority, etc.) that are not contracted employees; must be associated with a Principal Member in the management of real estate 

2018 Tiered Dues: 
Principal Member – $1,000.00
1st Additional Principal Member – $940.00
2nd Additional Principal Member – $875.00
3rd + Additional Principal Member – $800.00

Associate Member – $1,075.00
Associate Members are individuals who provide a product or service to the real estate industry. In addition to vendors and suppliers of real estate products and services, associate members may also include individuals from company/firms providing legal, accounting, engineering, banking, insurance, and architectural services. Please note, Membership is limited to a ratio of 51% Principal Members and 49% Associates. Membership to expire 12/31/2018. Includes all luncheons, membership in BOMA Utah, BOMA Region and BOMA International.

Additional Associate Member – $800.00
Allows two from the same Associate Member company to join BOMA Utah and participate in all activities; (second member is not reported to BOMA International). Membership to expire 12/31/2018.   Includes all luncheons, membership in BOMA Utah and BOMA Region. 

Special Member – $475.00
For all persons whose offices are located outside a 100 mile radius of Salt Lake City that own, occupy or manage forms of commercial properties, corporate, or government real estate owners, investors, developers, managers, leasing/marketing and those who earn their primary livelihood for the disciplines associated with commercial real estate. As well as those who provide goods and services to the buildings or properties managed by Principal Members. Luncheons nor golf are included in dues. Membership to expire 12/31/2018.  Does not includes luncheons, but does include membership in BOMA Utah and BOMA Region.

Support Membership – $475.00 
Support membership will be open to an individual employed by a Principal Member to include Administrative Assistants, Accounting staff, Tenant Coordinators, Security personnel and engineers not considered a Chief, Lead or Senior. These individuals support the day-to-day operations under the Principal Member Individual may attend all luncheons at no additional cost, does not include golf. Additional restrictions and benefits will apply Membership to expire 12/31/2018.  Includes all luncheons, membership in BOMA Utah and BOMA Region.

Developing Professional – $475.00
A Developing Professional member must be employed by a Commercial Real Estate Company or Owner and would normally fall under the Principal Member category, with five (5) years or less experience and may remain in this category for a maximum of two (2) years. May attend all luncheons at no additional cost, does not include golf. Additional restrictions and benefits will apply. Membership to expire 12/31/2018.  Includes all luncheons, membership in BOMA Utah and BOMA Region.

Student Membership – $90.00
Student Members must be full-time students, currently and continuously enrolled in at least twelve (12) credit hours pursuing a real estate-related degree or Business Major at an accredited university or college (physical campus or online); must have a valid student ID and not currently employed on a full-time or part-time basis within the real estate industry. Exception is made for those employed in a real-estate related internship.. Membership entitles the student to attend three (3) luncheons at no additional cost. Other restrictions and benefits will apply. Membership to expire 12/31/2018. 

Transition Membership – $400.00 
A Member in Transition is available to a previous member that leaves the employment of a company and continues to need the resources the Association has available after the initial six (6) months transition period. Individual may attend all luncheons, ten (10) in total which includes The Office Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards banquet as well as the Christmas Social Luncheon at no additional cost (Does not include golf) Additional restrictions and benefits will apply. Membership to expire 12/31/2018. Includes all luncheons, membership in BOMA Utah and BOMA Region.

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