Outdoor Trade Show COVID Precautions

Face coverings worn per county mandate

Face coverings available

Comply with distancing & hygiene guidelines (distance where possible, sanitizer stations

Tracking Attendance

Event is not open to the public.

Attendees must register, in advance, using name and email address

Name badges will be handed out at entrance using the online registration information.

Social Distancing – The nature of our event supports social distancing.

Exhibitors (approximately 50) will arrive at 8:00 AM.
Each exhibitor will have their own “booth”. Each booth will have 6-10 feet on either side and a table at
the front to maintain distance between exhibitors and attendees.

Signage – We will speak to each person as they enter. At this point, we will hand them each a map of the show.

Maps will have reminders of social distancing efforts as well as show the flow of the show to keep the
traffic on each aisle going the same direction.

Hygiene & Sanitization – Attendees of our show are only adults. This will allow for minimal contact.

Hand Sanitizer will be provided throughout the show.

Registration table will have disinfecting wipes on hand and will wipe down table every 30 minutes.

Dining area – we will have a dedicated person monitoring and cleaning chairs and tables where dining
will take place.

Restrooms – we will have a dedicated person monitoring and cleaning restrooms between each use.

Lunch and dessert will be provided from on-site food trucks.