What is BOMA Utah’s Energy Project Manager Co-Funding Project?

It’s a no-cost way for you to get unbiased support from energy experts who:

  • help you know which improvements fit your owners’ business goals and budgets
  • identify financially-attractive energy saving improvements in your facilities
  • assist with project implementation (so you don’t have to manage it yourself)
  • make it easy to earn incentives from Rocky Mountain Power

Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) is offering to pay for the services of BOMA’s Energy Project Manager if BOMA members can collectively save more than 1 million killowatt hours by December 31, 2019.

RMP’s funding for the Manager doesn’t come out of incentives—you’ll still get every incentive dollar you deserve in addition to no-cost expertise. BOMA chose Diversified Energy Consultants through a competitive selection process to provide these Energy Project Management services.


What do I get as a BOMA Utah member?

Diversified Energy Consultants (DEC) will communicate with you, visit your facility, understand your priorities, coordinate with Rocky Mountain Power and present you a customized list of cost saving project options. The Return On Investment (ROI) for proposed projects will likely range from a few days to less than five years.

If you wish, DEC can then manage the projects you choose. DEC can also help secure financing and identify the most attractive future energy projects.


Who pays Diversified Energy Consultants?

Rocky Mountain Power is offering to reimburse BOMA for DEC’s services if BOMA members deliver more than 1 million kWh of savings by December 31, 2019. You will not get a bill from DEC for assessing your business goals, inspecting your facility and providing customized project options. 


Is Diversified Energy Consultants a Vendor?    


DEC is not selling equipment or installation services. As an Energy Project Manager, DEC helps you identify, strategize and implement energy projects.


Will proposed project ideas be specific to my building(s)?


Some owners focus on first costs, others focus on Net Operating Income or retaining/attracting tenants. Others focus on flipping a property. DEC helps strategize projects to deliver the right bang for the best buck.


What can BOMA’s Energy Project Manager do if my CAP-EX budget is already allocated?

Two things. DEC can:

  • Review existing projects to make sure you are maximizing incentives and cost savings
  • Identify very low cost projects that reduce expenses with very little investment (e.g. tune-ups)


Can BOMA’s Energy Project Manager help me compete in the kilowatt Crackdown?


Adding a no-cost Energy Project Manager to help identify opportunities and implement projects is a great way to get ahead of the competition. 


Can BOMA’s Energy Project Manager help me with energy benchmarking?


DEC can help benchmark your building if you haven’t already gone through the process. DEC can explain what your Energy Star score means, how to improve it, and use it to market your facility.


Can BOMA’s Energy Project Manager improve relationships with my building owners?

Your owners will likely take notice when you add energy management expertise and resources without adding labor costs. You are also likely to build good will and credibility when you inform owners of financially attractive improvements specifically matched to their business goals.


Will BOMA’s Energy Project Manager “hard sell” me on projects?


DEC’s goal is to help you reduce costs, but that comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus, every owner is on their own timeline.


Who is Diversified Energy Consultants?

DEC is Nikki Anderson and Kevin Deiber.

Nikki, a long time BOMA Utah member, has a long history of managing energy projects and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). 

Kevin Deiber has several years of energy project experience (including many for BOMA Utah members) and is a CEM certified energy manager who graduated from the JD/MBA world.