Kilowatt Crackdown Building Nomination Form

  • (briefly describe the building and facilities)
  • (briefly describe projects implemented and the impact to building energy efficiency. Include any community involvement that the owner or property management team uses to promote energy efficiency)
    BOMA Utah, as a partner of Elevate Buildings, would like to offer building owners a pathway to compliance for the Energy Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance through the Kilowatt Crackdown. I authorize BOMA Utah, through the Kilowatt Crackdown, to submit my energy benchmarking information to Salt Lake City on my behalf for the following building(s) Address
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  • Max. file size: 1,000 MB.

Most Improved Performance Award to the building/buildings that shows the greatest percentage gain in ENERGY STAR ratings over the previous year as a result of energy efficiency efforts.

Clean Air Award Recognition awarded to the building/buildings making significant strides to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (Total GHG Emissions Intensity (kgCO2e/ft²) as documented in Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Green for Green Recognition awarded to building/buildings that operates at the lowest energy cost per square foot as document in Energy Star Portfolio Manager. 

The Kilowatt Cup Trophy awarded to firm, building, team or individual achieving superior accomplishments in energy efficiency and/or sustainability efforts. (Nominated by the BOMA Energy & Sustainability Committee)

Slow the Flow Award Recognition awarded to the building/buildings that achieved the greatest overall percentage reduction in water consumption as documented in Energy Star Portfolio Manager or as a result of conservation measures.